Tipson Tea is a phenomenal brand that serves to provide products meant to inspire people to healthier food and beverage choices. We also strive to integrate our product in to the daily routines

of consumers in a simple and fun-filled way. The main audiences we address are the health conscious people , as we desire to create a customer base that want healthy and functional products that are also convenient to use.

Our brand is spearheaded by amazing personal and professional skills as we operate with effective and efficient communication skills, time management, attention to detail and organization.

Better quality packaging and ingredients, delectable taste profiles, and unique product flavors and blends, are some of the elements that set us apart from those around us.

Drawing inspiration from the research done into the nutritional and functional benefits of herbs and fruits, we want to provide these benefits whilst giving a unique and flavorful experience

to our consumers. In many of our products, we have used organic herbs and blended them with natural flavors.

We have set up our own manufacturing facilities in Sri Lanka with our marketing, finance and administration centralized at the same location. This ensures that we have total control

over the quality of our products and guarantee that the best possible products are made for our consumers. We are available at retail outlet chains and online for purposes of distribution. Currently we are in the US, Trinidad, Chile, Russia and are looking at expanding into other markets.

Adding twist to conventional health and wellness products by enhancing the taste and generally creating a different experience for our consumers, our drive is to help them make healthy choices that they can actually enjoy and love.

From the ingredients and to the packaging itself, we use the best quality materials for our products, rigorously sourcing our organic and natural ingredients only from suppliers that meet our ethical and operational quality requirements. Striving to be the number one brand choice for consumers

within health and wellness category, we always capitalize on three main strongholds – highest quality, natural or organic and functionality.


To be the first choice for consumers that want healthy, functional and convenient products.


Through innovation and invention, we strive to develop the best products, that enhance the daily lives of our consumers. In this pursuit, we will always ensure fair, ethical and sustainable practice in our operations, products and services.

We are a modern contemporary brand that thrives on both setting and following
new and current trends. The playful, daring and imaginative spirit of Tipson,
entices both the younger and older adults. Fresh up- to-date and cool attitude sets
a very youthful vibe that reflects on our products.
Reliability and intelligence are 2 most important traits that the Tipson brand possesses. Key knowledge and understanding is gained via extensive study and market research.
Our objective is to provide consumers with honest products that enhance the quality of their daily life. Majority of our ingredients are organic and carefully sourced,
to add natural goodness to their daily cup.
Functional Benefits
Introducing functional teas and brews using natural and organic ingredients.
Stress-free daily dose of natural goodness in the form of an infusion.

Tipson products are carefully designed using the finest of ingredients, to uplift the physical and mental standards of the daily life of our consumers. A great balance between organic and natural, sets the Tipson functional teas, apart from the rest.

Each ingredient is carefully selected and combined to both activate and enhance the beneficial properties of the other, while adding a palatable cup of goodness to elevate the senses.

Wellness Enthusiasts
Our core TG consists of individuals, between 18-50, who wish to lead a wellness-oriented lifestyle and care most about issues of nutrition, fitness, work-related stress, the impact on the environment and its beings.
Affordability of the product does not affect these individuals as much as the quality of the products. From Millennials to Gen Z’s, they take responsibility of their actions. While the earlier generation depended on professional healthcare in response to diseases, an increasing interest in preventive measures shows a shift in awareness and behaviour, especially among the young adults between the ages of 18-40.
Trend Setters
This consists of individuals between the age of 22-37 years old. They are trend-setters as much as they are trend –followers.